Yemeni abductee dies under torture in Shabwa

Yemeni abductee dies under torture in Shabwa

Alsahwa Net- An abductee, Sarhan Bushaml,  died yesterday after he was arrested by what is called “the Shabwania elite forces” which are not subjected to the Yemeni legitimate government.

Human rights sources told Alsahwa Net that Bushamal was arrested last Wednesday and that his body was submitted today for his family.

Meanwhile, mothers of abductees detained in Aden and other southern governorates protest from time to time, demanding to swiftly release their abducted sons or refer them judiciary, pointing out that the General Prosecution previously ordered to release them.

The mothers  said that a number of prisoners, who orders were issued to release them, attempted to commit suicide during the past weeks, pointing out that they are held without any charges.

This protest came one day after the abductee, Mohammed Abdullah Ahmed, tried to commit suicide due to the security authorities’ constant procrastination of releasing him.


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