Houthis create new prisons in Sana’a

Houthis create new prisons in Sana’a

Alsahwa Net- Houthi militias have created new prisons in the capital Sana’a, local sources told Sky News.

The sources affirmed that the militias created a prison inside the 48 military camp and put dozens of abductees inside them, pointing out that the abductees are tortured to obtain confessions.

According to statistics of human rights organizations, there are over 5,000 Yemenis who are subjected to brutal torture inside Houthi prisons.

Over 120 prisoners have died due to torture as statistics of Yemen human rights organizations affirm.

The Houthis have been detaining hundreds of Yemenis since they conducted their coup against the legitimate government. These abductees include journalists, lawyers, physicians, professors and other civilians. 

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