Gunmen assassinate Islahi activist in Aden

Gunmen assassinate Islahi activist in Aden

Alsahwa Net- Unidentified gunmen on Wednesday assassinated an activist of the Islah party and a principal of a private school Ali al-Da’osi in the port city of Aden.

Local sources affirmed that the gunmen could escape.

On Monday gunmen assassinated a man in the area of al-Mansourah, the city of Aden.

Aden is has been seeing a wave of assassinations against activists of the Islah party, mosque preachers, government soldiers and political activists. All the assassination cases remain an unresolved mystery since no one case was investigated into or any arrests in connection with the crime were made.

It is widely feared that extremists could be behind the assassinations of mainstream clerics to create a vacuum for extremist preachers.

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