Protesters question "suspicious" international inattentiveness to besieged Taiz

Protesters question "suspicious" international inattentiveness to besieged Taiz

Hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of Taiz to denounce and question the reason behind the "suspicious inattentiveness" and silence of the international community to the siege the Houthi Islamist militants have been laying around the southwestern Yemen city since early 2015.

The demonstrators took to the streets of the city on Saturday to press their longstanding demands of "breaking the siege" which accounts for the city's famine-like conditions and prevalence of various epidemics among women and children.

In a rally in the city center street "Jamal", the demonstrators waved banners and issued a a statement supporting President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's government and the interventions of the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE in reversing the coup and military aggressions of the Iran aligned Houthis.

"For three years and more, the Houthi militia of dynastical putschists have been laying a three-pronged siege around Taiz …But we in Taiz are questioning the suspicious inattentiveness of the international community," read the statement.

"As long as the international community is unfortunately inattentive to all Taiz issues, the road to ending the siege is our serious revolutionary alignment against the dynastical militia."

"We confirm our support to our political leadership and their commitment to the three terms of reference (in case of any peace deal)  and their pursuit of building a federal new Yemen," said the statement.

"Our duty compels us not to back down from the sacrifices of the fallen soldiers and popular resistance fighters who defended Yemen "in the most delicate circumstances."

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