Gargash: Comprehensive plan for aid delivery to Hodeidah

Gargash: Comprehensive plan for aid delivery to Hodeidah

The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Anwar Gargash said that the Arab Coalition has prepared a comprehensive plan to increase the speed of delivery of humanitarian aid to Hodeidah and the surrounding areas.

"Food and basic supplies have been stored and prepared for immediate intervention," Gargash tweeted on Wednesday. "We have ships, planes and trucks laden with food and medicine to meet the immediate needs of the Yemeni people."

He stressed that the port of Hodeidah will remain open for shipment, noting that emergency plans have been developed for the transfer of aid in other ways if the Houthis destroy any port or logistics infrastructure.


"In addition to the $ 14 billion already provided by the Arab Coalition to help Yemen, we continue to work with relief agencies on the ground to ensure that once the port is liberated, we will quickly increase the amount of aid flowing through it," he said.

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