Activists demand release of Islah's Dokeil

Activists demand release of Islah's Dokeil



Social media activists are continuing to demand the implementation of a court decision to release the Islah leader Awadh al-Dokeil from jail.

Al-Dokeil is a member of Islah in Hadhramout who has been in jail for two years, although a court had ordered his release two month ago.

Activists like Abdullah Khalid called on the government, local authorities and all those concerned to intervene immediately to ensure the rule of law in Hadhramout and let go of innocent detainees in Mukalla.

Journalist Arif Bamo'amin wrote on facebook, "two years passed while professor al-Dokeil is behind the bars without charge and in spite of a court decision to release him."

Another journalist, Hassan al-Faqih, tweeted, "After about a year and eight months or 600 days of al-Dokeil's detention, it has been proved that he is innocent."

Activist Saleh Bamakhshab tweeted: "To the governor of Hadhramout and the director of its security: free the innocent, enough torture to them by depriving them of life at large."


"Why are detentions outside the law? Why continue to detain someone despite the explicit orders of the prosecutor to release them immediately," he inquired.

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