Weakened Houthi rebels resort to recruiting African fighters

Weakened Houthi rebels resort to recruiting African fighters

The Houthi militia detained 120 African immigrants and recruited them to fight in their ranks in the warfronts of al-Barah and al-Kamb (west of Taiz) after failing to recruit Yemeni tribesmen to fight in their side.

Yemeni sources told the Saudi daily Okaz that these Africans were arrested in the province of Ibb and some were transferred to Dhamar province for training. Those who have a record of military training in their countries were transferred to Hajdah areas west of Taiz to be deployed on the fighting fronts in Al-Barah to compensate for the rebels' killed and injured manpower.

 The sources added that the Africans are of Somali and Eritrean nationalities. They were arrested by Houthis on their way to the the district of Rada in the province of Beidha where they were heading to find jobs in farms.

The Houthi militia has recently given priority to finding alternative fighters, after Yemeni tribes rejected the rebels' repeated calls to join their ranks.

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