Political protest in Taiz against formation of paramilitary forces

Political protest in Taiz against formation of paramilitary forces

The political parties in al-Shammayatein and other districts in Taiz organized demonstrations in different parts of Yemen's southwestern province on Saturday against the formation of new forces outside the government's regular forces.

The protests followed the parade of a well-equipped force loyal to Tareq Mohammed Saleh al-Ahmar, a member of the former regime who is now said to be going to aid the government against Houthi rebels.  The people of Taiz accuse Tareq's forces of being, until recently, accomplices in the atrocities that Houthi rebels have been committing against the city's civilians for more than three years.

 In a statement the parties in al-Shammayatein district jointly issued they said: "We all followed the recent moves by remnants of the former regime to rise again under the disguise of friendliness. They want to inflict themselves again as a protection security belt around our safe city."

"We in the alliance of political parties in al-Shammayatein totally reject any formations outside the state. We call on all those who want to consolidate Taiz's security to play a positive role in finishing its liberation from the criminal rebels who with their military machine are still claiming the lives of its innocent people, rendering children orphans, women widowed and crops decimated."


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