HR Minister says Iranian lobby infiltrated EU, Latin America

HR Minister says Iranian lobby infiltrated EU, Latin America

Minister of Human Rights Mohammed Askar said Yemen is picking up the pace to counter the Iranian lobby which serves Houthis through the decision making circles in the EU and Latin America.

In a statement to the London-based al-Sharq Al-Awsat, he said that the big absence of the Yemeni government organizations in the confrontation against the falsehoods that pro-Iran groups propagate played to the Houthi rebels' advantage."

"The Iranian lobby managed to infiltrate a lot of human rights organizations and managed to depict Yemen's status in a negative image."

Almost all western organizations including research centers and media outlets seem to be under the influence of the Iranian lobby in the way they spin the coverage of Yemen; they portray the Yemeni conflict through the prism of the violent theocratic group of Houthis who abandoned Yemen's historical National Dialogue, conducted a coup, unleashed a genocidal war against civilians and pushed the whole Yemeni people into the brink of famine.

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