Marib commemorates 11 February revolution

Marib commemorates 11 February revolution

Thousands of Yemenis have celebrated 11 February revolution in Marib city, the government-held city that offers a safe haven for hundreds of thousands of civilians who had escaped the ruthless Houthi Shia Islamists in north Yemen.

On the eve of the 11 February, the city sky was lighted with fireworks in celebration of the seventh anniversary of the youthful pro-democracy revolution in 2011 which ousted the 33 year old dictatorship of Ali Abdullah Saleh who later made a violent comeback in alliance with Houthis and seized power and plunged the country in chaos.

The city's residents on their roofs shot fireworks to celebrate the revolution as the end of the Houthi rebellion inches closer with the government's retaking of most the land, 85% of the country as government sources say.

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