Wounded Taiz wants Arab help to break Houthi siege

Wounded Taiz wants Arab help to break Houthi siege

The people of Taiz which Houthi militiamen turned to a destroyed city have asked the Arab Coalition  and the Yemeni government to help them break the strangling siege and drive the Houthi invaders out of their city.

In a night gathering in the Freedom Square on the 7th anniversary of 11 February Revolution against dictatorship, the celebrants shot fireworks chanting "with soul and blood we redeem you Yemen",  in remembrance of Yemen's historical peaceful uprising and in  brazen defiance to the heavily armed Houthi militia that has been pounding the city with missiles for  three years now.

The celebrants issued a statement which said: "Our youth popular revolution is completing its seventh year after our land has been hydrated  with the young people's blood. Everyday martyrdom, captivity and abduction deduct one young man from our best revolutionaries  who ar struggling in defense of the Republic. … despite the fact that Taiz was the cradle of the revolution, it is still ouside the calculations of the government and the Arab Coalition, which made the city under the constant attacks of the (heavily armed) Houthi militia." 

Houthis Shia extremists and the rebel forces of their erstwhile ally Ali Abdullah Saleh invaded Taiz city in early 2015 and have since been besieging the city obstructing the delivery of humanitarian supplies to civilians and killing civilians individually, by sniper shootings and landmines, and in mass by shelling rockets into its densely populated neighborhoods.

The armed forces controls 85% of the city and Houthis are holding fast to its circumference.

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