Political leaders hold consultations with Griffiths in

Political leaders hold consultations with Griffiths in

Yemeni political leaders travelled to the British capital London to participate in consultations with the UN special envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths in their personal and partisan capacities.

Informed sources said the aim of these meetings was to create a broad social alliance in support of the United Nations' peace plan.

The sources mentioned that the most prominent participants in the consultations were Khalid Bahah, former Prime Minister, the head of Justice and Construction Party Mohammad Abu-Lohoom, former Deputy Finance Minister Hossam Al-Sharjabi, and other officials.

Presently Martin Griffiths is intensifying his contacts and meetings with all Yemeni parties to prepare for the upcoming consultations between the government and the Houthi rebel militia scheduled for September 6 in Geneva.

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