Rivalry within Houthi militia may develop to infighting

Rivalry within Houthi militia may develop to infighting

After the breakup and infighting between the rebel Houthi militia and slain Ali Abdullah Saleh's forces which led to Saleh's killing and Houthis' absolute control in north Yemen, it seems that the Houthi militia itself is going to fracture soon. That is beginning as a rivalry now, sources say, between tribal leader Abu Ali al-Hakem  serving as the chief of the militia's self-proclaimed "Military Intelligence" and Abdulkhalq al-Houthi a major warlord and brother of the militia's leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

Al-Yemen al-Saeed website quoted well-informed sources as saying that Abu Ali al-Hakem "is planning to eliminate top brass leaders within the Houthi group including Abdulkhaleq as part of their rivalry for clout, control and money."

The Sana'a sources indicate that there are actually more than two figureheads within the militia now craving for top positions and physically eliminating potential rivals. "They are all from the Hashemite dynasty, the most senior among them is Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, Abdul-Khaleq al-Houthi, Yahya al-Shami and others."

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